Androglot Languages

Why use Androglot?

" There are at least four good reasons to use Androglot:
1. Androglot is free: create an account and use all the features for free.
2. Androglot is powerful: everything you translate can be reused in another App.
3. Androglot is open to everyone: Developers, Users, casual or professional translators can create an account and start translating.
4. Androglot is smart: The points (Glots) system makes translation fun and rewarding.
Try it for yourself and tell us why you love Androglot. "

Great power at no cost

There are absolutely no cost of using Androglot. We are basically providing a platform where Android Developers can exchange translations. Non developers (i.e. your users) can also join and help you localize your Apps for free.

But there’s much more to it:
You can highlight your sentences to translate in your App’s screenshots, to provide context to the translators. You can choose between multiple translations or propositions you received and you can see, for each sentence, the comments of the translators discussing their preferences.

Finally, you can rate your translators and see the ratings given by other developers to help you choose translations from two or more persons.

With these powerful tools, you have everything you need to get perfect - community based - translations, at no cost.

Login or Create an account for free!

With the ellaborate points system, you need to be logged in to be able to translate Android Apps or get translations for your Android Apps.