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Why localize your App?

" It was proven that adding a second language to your App or website nearly doubles, in a very short period of time, the number of users, even if your service is already popular in the country you are targeting. Now, imagine adding 19 languages to your App in a couple of weeks… for free! "

Language is Key

There are many good reasons to translate your Android Apps, and it’s getting more important everyday, with the increasing number of people having access to an Android device. The simple fact that Google improved its Developer Console with a Translation service is revealing of how important it is. A big difference with Androglot though: you can localize your Apps for free on Androglot.

Reach more people!

There is a false assumption about English and how widely it is used. Because it’s the first language used on the Internet, developers tend to limit their Apps to that language. It’s easy and international, they say.
But don’t be fooled: with English only, you are not targeting the majority of users. Studies on the subject show that only 27% of the internet users speak english although 55% of the web apps are in English...
By translating your App to Chinese (25% of users speak Chinese), you nearly double the size of your market, by making your app user-friendly for 52% of the users globally.
That’s great, but that’s “only” half of the potential user base. Add Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and German, and your rate just went up to 73%. Suddenly, your app is made a lot more accessible

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