Androglot Glots

What are Glots?

" Glots are the points earned for translating strings. One Glot is removed from the developer’s account and assigned to the translator’s for each translation that was approved.
It’s a simple way to make everyone participate in the translations and have an actual exchange between developers. Also we figured it was the only way to localize your Apps for free.

Why this Localize Service is free

We want to create an Android-lovers and Android-developers community that will help its members with the translation of Android Apps or the Localization of Android Apps.

Every community is a matter of give and take and that’s what we are trying to achieve with Androglot: translate a sentence, earn Glots then spend them by having one of your sentences translated!

We want this community to provide the best translations possible and that means having actual human beings providing the translations, because Human made translations will always be better than the ones made by robots.

We really recommend translating your Android Apps in as many languages as possible, for the sake of your Apps and your users. But remember, you're better off with no translation at all than with bad translations. It obviously degrades the user experience to stumble upon a sentence that means nothing, or to feel that there is something wrong with the App.

To avoid that, use our powerful tools and features to provide great quality localized Apps to your users.

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With the ellaborate points system, you need to be logged in to be able to translate Android Apps or get translations for your Android Apps.