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Translators: Help translate your favorite Apps!

You’ll find here everything you need to know about how to translate Android Apps into the 20 available languages.
If you need assistance or have questions, comments or feedback, feel free to drop us an email and we’ll do our best to react in a timely manner.

Create an account:

it’s free. Click on the top right LOGIN button and choose an account type from Androglot, Google or Facebook. If you decide to use an Androglot account, click on the blue link that will show another form. Don’t forget to choose all the languages you can work with!
Note: We will not use your personal data for anything unrelated to, and won’t sell or share them with anyone. See our privacy policy for more information.

Choose a translation request:

In your home screen you will have a list of available translations. Pick one by clicking on it. If there is nothing in the list, make sure you have chosen all the languages you can work with in you profile. Click on your Alias, then the edit icon, then the add icon next to the Languages section.

Propose a Translation:

when inside the translation screen, you’ll see that it is divided into three parts: on the left, you’ll have the source items, in the center, you’ll have the propositions that were already made for each of these source items, and a text area where you can input your own translation. On the right, options and comments that are future features not yet released.
Click on one item on the left to display its translation propositions in the center part. Click inside the text area and start translating that item to the target language you will find on top of the propositions, as a section title.
Click the SAVE orange button to save your proposition. You will be automatically proposed to translate the next item. If you want to go back and edit your proposition, find the source item in the Translated Items section on the left, click on it and click on the EDIT green button that will appear instead of the SAVE button.
Note: You will see that if you translate a word for a specific App, it will be automatically proposed in another App that asks for the same translation. This means that Developers can get their App at least partly translated directly after creating the translation request, and translators can earn Glots for a single translation over and over again.