Androglot Maintenance

How to maintain your files?

" When you have more than a couple of string.xml files to translate in one Android App, you start to have an overload of maintenance to do, whether you are modifying an existing sentence or adding a new one, you have to take care of making the modifications in every other files and that’s without mentioning the translation exercise... "

The easy way

With Androglot, maintaining your translation files is way easier:

During the development of your App, only update one string.xml file.

When you are at a stage where you are not adding or changing translations before the next release, upload your one source file to Androglot.

Your new sentences will be added, the ones you changed will be updated and the ones you discarded will be de-activated from the list of sentences to translate.

Part of your files’ sentences will be translated automatically in your target languages and with a little help of your friends, the remaining will be completed soon.

When it’s done, you will be able to download the string.xml files in the target languages you chose and “spend” some of your Glots only for the updates or new translations!

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