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Developers: Get your Apps Localized!

You’ll find here everything you need to know about having your Android Apps translated into the 20 available languages.
If you need assistance or have questions, comments or feedback, feel free to drop us an email and we’ll do our best to react in a timely manner.

Create an account:

It’s free. Click on the top right LOGIN button and choose an account type from Androglot, Google or Facebook. If you decide to use an Androglot account, click on the blue link that will show another form. Note: We will not use your personal data for anything unrelated to, and won’t sell or share them with anyone. See our privacy policy for more information.

Add an App to your Android Applications list:

Click on the NEW APP green button and type in the name of your App. Later, you’ll have the opportunity to add a description, a logo, and other useful information.Click on the App you created in the App list.

Discover the App Screen:

The first section is the Application profile, that you can edit by clicking on the little icon by the section’s title. The second section is the list of languages your Application is or will be translated to.

Upload your source file:

Click on the NEW FILE green button, select your file from your computer, choose the language it is written in. This language will be considered as the source language for the upcoming translations so make sure you get the right one.

Add a Language:

Now that you have one source file, the green button says NEW LANGUAGE. Click on it and select the target language you want your app to be translated to. Repeat this for as many times and target languages as you want.

Display the Translations:

Once you have created the translation requests, you can see the translation progress. You’ll notice that some strings are already translated seconds after you created your App. This is because Androglot automatically recognizes that your string was previously translated and offers you the propositions directly. When translations are available for your App, you’ll see a blue bullet notification appear in your lists (both in your Application list and your Files/Languages list). Display the propositions by clicking on the VIEW button in your Files/Languages list.

Review the Translations:

When inside the review screen, you’ll see that it is divided into three parts: on the left, you’ll have your source items, in the center, you’ll have the propositions that were made, for each of these items. On the right, options and comments that are future features not yet released. Click on one item on the left to display its translation propositions in the center part. Mouse over the proposition you think is the best fit for your source item and you’ll see the status buttons appearing on its right end. Click on the green button to approve the translation. By doing so, all the other propositions for that source item will be set to rejected while the one you selected will be approved. Until you close the translation request, you can change your mind and approve another proposition.

Close the Translation Request:

When you have reviewed and given a status to every proposition in the file, you are allowed to close the translation request and download the translated string.xml. No translations can be proposed when a request is closed. Note that you will only be able to close a request if you have enough Glots, one per accepted translation. If you don’t have enough, see if you can help another Developer by translating his app into a language you know.

Reopen a proposition:

If you want, you can reopen a closed proposition and close it again later, you will not have to spend Glots for items you already had approved the first time.

Upload a newer version of the source file:

When all your translation requests are closed, you can update your source file, with for example new items to translate (or less - in that case the old unused items will be de-activated). By doing so, you will have all your translation requests re-opened automatically. When you close these requests again, you will not have to spend Glots for items you already had approved the first time.